UgCS Command & Control solution for Search and Rescue (SAR) and Firefighters enables more precise situation assessment, decision making and effective management of first responder teams, providing more efficient resolution of a disaster situation.

Drone pilots and Command centre operators can use the full functionality of UgCS for UAV mission planning, flight management and data processing. The package also includes UgCS Mapper - the desktop geo-referenced image processing software, to create 2D maps in-field, requiring no internet connection.

  • Deploy into temporary command centres in minutes to collect data from all pilots in the field
  • Increase safety with software’s terrain following and 3D map features to fly at any terrain type
  • More effectively conduct SAR operations using automatic search pattern tool
  • Achieve result faster being able to manage multiple drones simultaneously

Powerful and flexible

The solution is scalable to fit the requirements of your team and easy to integrate in a existing environment.

Team edition

Team solution
Best for mobile operation centers. Provides software for team commander and drone pilots, deploy in a short time, secure.

Enterprise solution

Enterprise solution
Best for headquarters, command and monitoring centers. Extremely secure, powerful and reliable.

Feature comparison

Features Team edition Enterprise solution
Custom Development
Support of drone pilots up to 20 more than 20
Coordinate the work of multiple pilots
Live video feed from pilot's drone
Remote control of a drone's camera via pilot's software
Diverse flight planning tools
3D map with offline mode and custom spatial data support
Mark points and areas of interest at command centre
Telemetry logging and playback with synchronized video
Optional ADS-B monitor to avoid collisions with manned helicopters and aircraft
Routing of the data streams to higher level command centers (coming soon)


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