Real-time Video Monitoring with Drones

Aerial video surveillance: inspect to detect even during travel-ban!
Low latency, reliable video livestream from drones in field to any location (HQ/office/operations centre) via WiFi/LTE with UgCS CC

How it works

UgCS CC enables live video streaming from drones in the field via WiFi/LTE to any HQ/office/operations centre to ensure distant monitoring.
Drone and surveyor don't have to be in the same location - travel ban can't stop your experts from object inspection!
In Field: Drone captures data
Pilot operates the drone
In Office: Online video and drone positions
Main Benefits
Drone pilot and surveyor don't have to be in the same location
Travel-ban is not an obstacle to survey & monitor
Low latency, reliable livestream from drones
Not a cloud solution. Private installation
Out of the box integration with security VMS systems: Milestone, Luxriot and others
Video recording of a Full Motion Video (compatible with ArcGiS Full Motion Video)
Drone and pilot positions displayed on the map
Georeferenced MISB compliant video - know exact location of each frame
Optional support for Pixhawk-based drones
Support for EO/IR/UV cameras


Real-time video monitoring and inspection with UgCS CC provides a bird's eye view on distant locations to any operation centre - no matter where the observer's location is
Construction Sites
Private & Public Safety
Solar Farms
Law Enforcement
Cell towers
First Responders & Search and Rescue (SAR)
Electrical Substations, Power Plants
City Infrastructure & Location on lock-down
Real-time video monitoring and inspection provides a bird's eye view for diverse industries and application scenarios
Integrate with VMS Milestone for Security
Integrate drones for SAR operations
Why use drones for surveillance?
Enrich monitoring workflows with flying cameras
Use day, night or thermal vision sensors to operate in any lighting conditions
Get online footage from areas without permanent video surveillance coverage
Access hard to reach areas fast
UgCS CC Pricing
  • Per 1 installation
  • One-time purchase
  • Starting 2nd year Annual support $400/yearly
During the training program your team will learn:
Quick start to video surveillance with drones
Setup of drone's video feed from field to any location in the world
Plan flight patterns for object inspection and monitoring
Integration with Video Management Systems (VMS)
Training prices - 30% Off
30% Off
1 day online training
up to 4 students
$ 419 (599) / group
1 day training at our office
1 day training for up to 5 students
$ 1000 / group
Our instructors
Trainings are led by experienced drone pilots who take part in development of UgCS CC Video solution.
Kristaps Brass
Lead Trainer/Engineer
Artūrs Kālis
Lead Engineer/Trainer
Sergey Kucenko
UAV Engineer/Trainer
Supported drones
UgCS CC Video has no vendor lock.
Currently, supported drones:
DJI M600 series
with integrated cameras
DJI M200 series
DJI Phantom 4 series
excluding RTK and Agro
DJI Mavic 2
For drone manufacturers
Support for further DJI and many other drones can be provided.
For drone manufacturers building their drones on Pixhawk (Ardupilot/Px4) autopilots we provide SDK for video integration.
Supported operating systems
Video streaming from UgCS for DJI to UgCS currently is supported from Android to Windows
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