UgCS Command & Control

UgCS Command & Control is a solution for operation centres providing a live preview of the captured situation by drones not only to personnel in-field but for operators at the command centre, for more informed situation assessment, decision making and effective management of first responder teams. The live video stream and drone location data increases the awareness of the incident enabling more efficient resolution of disaster situation or even saving lives.

The solution provides automation of typical operations of a team using drones to support aerial data capture and distribution in incident location, search and rescue, disaster response. UgCS Command & Control provides software for operators at the command centre and drone pilots onsite.


The UgCS CC interface allows users to simultaneously view multiple video streams and a 3D map of the mission terrain with the actual coordinates of the drones.

Live video stream from drones


Coordinator of the operation can track the real-time location of drones, mark points of interest for detailed onsite investigation or take manual control over a drone.

3D map view - drone location


Both the operator and the pilots can add placemarks for particular areas with attached geolocation and images for a more in-depth inspection.

Drone Placemark


No heavy equipment is required when setting up a mobile operation centre — all that is needed to give the operator full control are two laptops and a router enabling the establishment of a wi-fi connection with the drones.

Quick deployment of mobile operation centre


Integrate drones for SAR operations to locate missing persons

The video demonstrates the integration of #drones into the #SAR mission to locate a missing person. The operations center of the drone-SAR team was deployed within minutes near the last known location of the missing person using the UgCS Command & Control (UgCS CC) solution.


Powerful and flexible

UgCS Command & Control can be easily integrated with existing Enterprise and Command centre infrastructure. To enable complete data security all components can be deployed in a private network to transfer data over a secure connection (no internet required).

The solution is scalable to fit the requirements of your team and easy to integrate in a existing environment.

Team edition

Team solution
Best for mobile operation centers. Provides software for team commander and drone pilots, deploy in a short time, secure.

Custom deployment

Custom deployment
Best for headquarters, command and monitoring centers. Extremely secure, powerful and reliable.

Feature comparison

Features For 1 pilot Team edition Advanced deployment


Live video feed from pilot's drone
Coordinate the work of multiple pilots
Remote control of a drone's camera via pilot's software
Full UgCS PRO flight planning toolset
Flight planning tools Photogrammetry, Vertical (facade) scan, Corridor mapping
Flight planning tools for SAR expanding squares, creeping line
3D map with offline mode and custom spatial data support
Mark points of interest (placemarks) at command centre
Display drone pilot's placemarks
Optional ADS-B monitor to avoid collisions with manned helicopters and aircraft
Multiple coordinators

Drone Pilot

Support of drone pilots up to 1 up to 5 more than 5
2D map with offline mode
Video streaming to command centre
Add placemarks (drop a pin) and sync with coordinators map
Video and photo recording (drone)
Advanced pilot HUD (overlay for video preview window) for flying in complex terrain: camera attitude, AGL altitude indicator (coming soon), approximate GPS coordinates of the image center
Synchronization of flight paths planned by coordinator
ADS-B warnings from command center to avoid collisions with manned helicopters in the area of operation (coming soon)
Support for Android and iOS (BETA) mobile devices


Telemetry logging and playback with synchronized video
Video and image recording (coming soon)
Data stream routing to higher level command centers (coming soon)
Operation status and performance reporting (coming soon)
Support for Windows (for Mac and Linux - coming soon)
Custom Development
24x7 Support request


contact sales

contact sales

Supported drones and autopilots

One of the features distinguishing UgCS Command & Control is enabled support for diverse vendor most popular UAV models – also the centralized drone management solution UgCS Command & Control has no vendor lock and support for DJI, Yuneec, Lockheed Martin and MAVLink compatible drones (Pixhawk/APM) can be provided.

Currently, supported drones and autopilots of UgCS Command & Control:

DJI Inspire 1 and Inspire 2 series
DJI Inspire 1 and Inspire 2 series
DJI Mavic and Mavic 2 series
DJI Mavic and Mavic 2 series
DJI Matrice 200/210 series
DJI Matrice 200/210 series

DJI Matrice 600 series
DJI Phantom 3 and 4 series
DJI Phantom 3 and 4 series
MAVLink compatible autopilots
MAVLink compatible autopilots


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